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Leadscrew Cover Mounting Plate

Sample Gcode for Leadscrew Cover Mounting Plate

Here is a good example of the CNC program codes supported by rt-stepper. The gcode file is used to create the following mounting plate. If you look at the comment fields inside the file you will see in-line code or canned cycles for three holes and a polygon. chip.dxf

The mounting plate shown here can be used with the leadscrew project presented at This site has a nice video which shows how to make the origami type bellow cover. I like this design because it fits well on any Sherline mill. The cover is very compact and does not waste X axis movement like some other designs. Even with the longer X axis on the Sherline 2000, the cover will expand and compress without loosing shape.

All four mounting plates are identical. The two inside plates mount to the saddle with a single screw and no modifications to the mill. The two end plates mount to the mill with velcro. You can use plastic or aluminum material for the plates. I used .100 inch white styrene for my plates.

Refer to the site to build the bellow covers. For material I used white "sew-in interfacing" material which is available at any fabric store. Interfacing is made of man-made fibers bonded together to form a paper-like sheet. I found this material easy to work with and still maintain it's shape after folding. The material I bought was about .0035 inch thick.

Once you have the two bellow covers built attach each cover to two end plates. I used DAP clear silicone rubber sealant for this procedure with good results

Here is a view of the front and back plates.

Here is a view of how the front inside plate mount to the saddle. Use the 10-32 socket head screw that holds the table lock assembly. Don't over tighten this screw or you will lock your table.

The inside plates are connected together with two 8-32, 3.5 inch hex standoffs. One standoff for each side of the saddle. To make one 3.5 inch standoff I used two smaller standoffs together. A 1.5 inch and 2 inch (McMaster-Carr #91780-A202 and #91780-A204).

Here is a good view of the velcro used to mount the front plate to mill. For extra strength I used silicone rubber sealant to attach the velcro strips. The back plate was mounted in a similar manner.

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