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Leadscrew Cover Mounting Plate

Sample Gcode for Leadscrew Cover Mounting Plate

Here is a good example of the CNC program codes supported by rt-stepper. The gcode file is used to create the following mounting plate. If you look at the comment fields inside the file you will see in-line code or canned cycles for three holes and a polygon. chip.dxf

Update: the site is no longer valid, so I have posted the following URLs so you can still make your own origami bellows cover. Here is the origami bellows cover video that shows you how to make the bellows. Here is the .pdf file referenced in the video bellows cutout.

The mounting plate shown here can be used with the leadscrew project presented at This site has a nice video which shows how to make the origami type bellow cover. I like this design because it fits well on any Sherline mill. The cover is very compact and does not waste X axis movement like some other designs. Even with the longer X axis on the Sherline 2000, the cover will expand and compress without loosing shape.

All four mounting plates are identical. The two inside plates mount to the saddle with a single screw and no modifications to the mill. The two end plates mount to the mill with velcro. You can use plastic or aluminum material for the plates. I used .100 inch white styrene for my plates.

Refer to the site to build the bellow covers. For material I used white "sew-in interfacing" material which is available at any fabric store. Interfacing is made of man-made fibers bonded together to form a paper-like sheet. I found this material easy to work with and still maintain it's shape after folding. The material I bought was about .0035 inch thick.

Once you have the two bellow covers built attach each cover to two end plates. I used DAP clear silicone rubber sealant for this procedure with good results

Here is a view of the front and back plates.

Here is a view of how the front inside plate mount to the saddle. Use the 10-32 socket head screw that holds the table lock assembly. Don't over tighten this screw or you will lock your table.

The inside plates are connected together with two 8-32, 3.5 inch hex standoffs. One standoff for each side of the saddle. To make one 3.5 inch standoff I used two smaller standoffs together. A 1.5 inch and 2 inch (McMaster-Carr #91780-A202 and #91780-A204).

Here is a good view of the velcro used to mount the front plate to mill. For extra strength I used silicone rubber sealant to attach the velcro strips. The back plate was mounted in a similar manner.

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